Group Practice PCT Way HIPAA Compliance Bundle

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Planning

Need help tackling your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation plan? No shame here!

We know this can be a very stressful component of HIPAA compliance requirements for our colleagues, so we've developed a proprietary tool* and service to make it easy.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

We do your Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning FOR YOU. Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation planning are the most foundational aspects of HIPAA security compliance — often the most challenging, stressful, and time-consuming requirements to meet. We take all of that off your plate so that it is done, and done right.

*The risk analysis and risk mitigation planning tool is provided in electronic format, delivered via a shared Google Drive folder.


PCT Way Group Practice HIPAA Compliance Manual & Materials

HIPAA Manual -- Step 5 in the PCT Way --

Codify and Operationalize Your HIPAA Security Compliance Program in your Policies & Procedures. 

PCT Way Group Practice HIPAA Compliance Manual & Materials

  • Workforce Security Manual -- the practical application oriented distillation of your HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures for your team
  • Leadership Security Manual
  • Customizable HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures
  • Logs and Forms
  • Step-by-Step Project Plan for adapting, adopting, and implementing materials
  • * Includes Security Officer Endorsement Training Program for Security Officer and Deputy Security Officer (2x) 
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