How To Take a Load Off Your Informed Consent Process

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Citations for Maelisa’s Comment About Signatures Being Insufficient For Informed Consent in Two CA Cases

Here’s the info on the informed consent cases…

The first was a psychologist who failed to explain to the full purpose of testing she was providing. Therefore, the state determined she did not provide adequate informed consent to the parent, despite forms being signed. There are also some messy Authorizations to Release Info in there:

There are two! In the next one they are using informed consent related to releasing information to the court. The psychologist never informed the client they would be releasing information, yet provided a court report.

Both times they had forms reviewed but it seems obvious from the investigation that the psychologist did not actually review limits to confidentiality or purpose of the therapeutic relationship. I did a review of all Board of Psychology cases a couple years ago. The Board of Behavioral Sciences covers all other mental health professionals in California so you can imagine that would be a much larger search. Haven’t attempted that one!