We discuss the ways that AI can impact group practices; risk analysis considerations; ways that AI is already utilized that you may not be aware of; setting explicit policies around AI; vetting whether AI services have access to PHI; steps to take when implementing HIPAA appropriate AI services; and our upcoming training with Eric Ström on navigating the legal and ethical guidelines of AI use for mental health practitioners.

We discuss the record retention requirement for HIPAA; the actual client medical record requirements under state law; the difference between documentation of HIPAA compliance activities and maintaining client records; considerations for destroying records, (paper and electronic); how to document destroyed records; where to find record retention requirements for your state; and what should be in a client’s record.

We discuss leveraging technology and systems for supervision; seeking supervision or consultation throughout your career; features of good supervision; supervision as risk analysis; taking reasonable steps to ensure competence with new technology; considerations for AI use for therapists; current ways therapists utilize AI; balancing legality, ethics, and humanity; being open to other perspectives, continual learning, and vulnerability as a leader; the art form of supervision; trainings that Tara has found helpful; Tara’s podcast and training course; receiving supervision to become a better supervisor; and what’s in Tara’s tech stack. 

We discuss how non-competes tend to operate in group practice; considerations if you have a non-compete in place; how clients experience non-competes; client autonomy and care outcomes; the enforceability of non-compete clauses; non-competes as a deterrent; and shifting mindsets about non-competes.

We discuss why the Texting Campaign Registry (TCR) exists; who the TCR applies to (all businesses that send texts in  any form); how to register through your phone carrier or service provider; what happens when you don’t register your business; and some of the information you’ll need to provide to register; and when you should register. 

We discuss misconceptions that stem from non-enforcement for parts of the HIPAA Security Rule during the federal Public Health Emergency; who needs a BAA; the protections BAAs provide for the HIPAA Covered Entity; client’s rights to request non-secure communications; client’s rights to access their health information; and why clients cannot waive the Business Associate Agreement requirement.


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