Episode 326: [Practice Management] How Policies & Procedures Help Your Practice Stay Consistent & Effective

We discuss using in practice behavior to inform policies & procedures; risk analysis; the benefits of having everything written down; how to decide where to start; reducing cognitive overhead and burnout; being prepared for security incidents; HIPAA compliance as a set of behaviors, not a product or a checklist; and the resources PCT offers around policies & procedures. 

Episode 303: [Tech Tips] Remote & Mobile Workspace Considerations for You and Your Team

We discuss working remotely during holidays; work life balance; network security considerations; untrusted networks as a public health issue; how to beef up network security; guest networks; VPN pros and cons; mobile hotspots; balancing security and connectivity for clinical effectiveness; and our Remote Workspace Center through Group Practice Care Premium.

The No Surprises Act Support and Resources

The No Surprises Act Support and Resources We know that the specifics of how to provide the GFEs for self-pay clients have generated a lot of questions and some understandable anxiety within the practicing community. We have addressed the No Surprises Act and GFE specifics a number of times in both of our direct support and consultation […]

4 Settings To Change on Windows 10 For HIPAA, Ethics, and Your Clients

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10: so great that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 to get right to it! It appears, though, that in the rush to get it out there, Microsoft may have overlooked a few privacy issues (or maybe they did it on purpose?…) Windows 10 is built to be very integrative with Microsoft’s online servers. The default […]

Digital Ethics In Practice Management @ Raleigh-Durham, NC

Rob and Roy

5 CE Clock Hours suitable for NC LPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs A 5-hour training for private practice mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and psychologists in psychotherapy practice to navigate the “digital ethics” and legal pitfalls in modern practice management. We will discuss: confidentiality and other HIPAA/ethics concerns in electronic communications […]

2 Steps to Avoid Getting Your Email Hacked

Gum stuck to man's shoe

I don’t do a lot of consulting for people who’ve experienced a “security breach” in their practices. But in the last year I’ve gotten 7 inquiries about security breaches from colleagues, and every single one was from someone whose email had been hacked into. So I’d like to make sure everyone knows the two things […]


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