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A Guided Reading: HIPAA Security Compliance in Mental Health

“HIPAA Security Compliance in Mental Health” showcases articles that take you through the basic basics of how HIPAA compliance actually works for mental health professionals. 

You can complete it in 1 hour, accurately understand the basics of HIPAA Security, and earn legal-ethical credit in the process.

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Digital Confidentiality 101 Gentle Intro, An On-Demand Seminar

Gently orient yourself to the world of security for mental health clients and clinicians in an interactive, video and text-based on-demand seminar.  Learn the basics of risk management according to HIPAA in a gentle way, oriented to the needs and day-to-day lives of mental health clinicians.

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Consulting with Roy

When it comes to digital ethics quandaries, security and privacy in your practice and other tech concerns for mental health providers sometimes you need a lot of help. Roy’s happy to be there for you when you do.

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PCT’s Coaching Services

PCT can help you with your private practice needs including helping you chose your tech, assist bringing online therapy as a new facet to your practice, one-on-one tech trouble shooting, business coaching and much more.  PCT will offer you full level support for your tech, compliance and digital ethics.

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Person Centered Tech’s Membership

PCT’s membership is a fully encompassing support system for mental health professionals and their tech needs. We all use tech in some aspects of our practice so making sure we do it intentionally, compliantly, ethically and as simply as possible. Our membership offers CE, user friendly tools, customizable documents, how to resources, product reviews, and even a place to bring all of your questions for customized answers.

The membership is available for $35 a month (or $350 a year).

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