Telemental Health Certificate Program


An on demand, standards-based telemental health training program — with live support webinars 4 times/month — from one of the United States’ top experts: Roy Huggins, LPC NCC.

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View the full brochure here→

The Curriculum Topics

The training program covers the following areas of standard telemental health competence:

  • TMH-Specific Ethical Issues
  • Issues of Practice Regions & Jurisdictions (e.g. cross-state practice)
  • Video Presentation Skills
  • Safety and Crisis Planning
  • Client Orientation Needs
  • Informed Consent Needs
  • Working With Originating Sites
  • Finding and Working With Local Champions
  • Technology Choice and Practice Tech Needs
  • The HIPAA Security Compliance Process
  • Using email and texting ethically and legally
  • Using online video services ethically and legally
  • Keeping smartphones and computers safe
  • Avoiding — and responding to — security breaches
  • Using online services safely and effectively
  • HIPAA-required risk analysis and security policies and procedures
  • Reimbursement
  • Using Your Website in Telemental Health Practice

The Services

The Telemental Health Certificate Program comes bundled with three (3) months of our live support webinars (we call them “Office Hours.”) Ask any questions you’d like and either discuss it with us live — or watch us answer your questions on the session recording. You can also attend or watch later to see what other people are asking and talking about. Want more than 3 months? You’ll have an option to purchase access extensions for as long as you like.

This is your way to get direct, personalized access to PCT’s experts while you do the training and build your telemental health practice!