4 Settings To Change on Windows 10 For HIPAA, Ethics, and Your Clients

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10: so great that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 to get right to it! It appears, though, that in the rush to get it out there, Microsoft may have overlooked a few privacy issues (or maybe they did it on purpose?…) Windows 10 is built to be very integrative with Microsoft’s online servers. The default […]

Need a Domain Name? May I Recommend Hover For Your Registration Service?

Finally, a good alternative to GoDaddy! Leasing domain names — the bits at the beginning of Web addresses like “google.com” and “personcenteredtech.com” — has long been a realm of cheap fly-by-nights and scammers. Graduates of my therapy site class know that after years of struggling with honest domain registrars folding and then dealing with shady […]


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