Teletherapy Insurance Billing Presentation and Self-Study Course

Telehealth Billing in the Age of COVID-19 Self Study Course

with Barbara Griswold, LMFT of Navigating the Insurance Maze

Get in-depth insight into everything you need to know to successfully navigate billing insurance for telehealth in a COVID-19 landscape

This is NOT a continuing education event.

Teletherapy billing doesn’t have to be this hard.

Industry Expert Barbara Griswold, LMFT of Navigating the Insurance Maze, joins us in a full one-hour webinar that will give you the latest information about billing insurance for video and phone teletherapy sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barbara addresses our most popular questions about teletherapy insurance billing.

Get Answers for Your Most Pressing Telehealth Billing Questions

How do I code teletherapy?

We’ll discuss coding, including CPT codes, Place of Service Codes, and Modifiers.

What do I ask the health plan?

Find out what (and how!) to ask the health plan when verifying coverage, and where to get information if you can’t get through to the plan provider.

What else have I missed?

We’ll share little-known documentation requirements for teletherapy that many clinicians have missed. 

Will copayments be waived?

One of the most frequently asked questions! We will address this in full, so you know exactly how to handle copayments.

Can we see a client in another state?

We’ll go over how to tell if you can see a client in another state and the relevant insurance coverage considerations.

What if I give up my office?

Navigating the COVID landscape means many things- including some tough decisions. We’ll share everything we know about managing these tough calls moving forward.

The Advice You Get From Colleagues May Not Be Accurate and Could Lead to Claim Denials.

This webinar will clearly spell out everything you need to know to get paid for telehealth sessions.  

This is NOT a continuing education event.

Meet Barbara Griswold, LMFT

Barbara is a private practice consultant and the author of Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist’s Complete Guide to Working with Insurance — And Whether You Should, now out in its 8th edition.  She is celebrating 30 years in private practice, and has taught over 100 trainings on insurance and documentation, providing consultations to therapists nationwide.   Barbara invites you to contact her through her website:


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Telehealth Billing in the Age of COVID-19
with Barbara Griswold of
Navigating the Insurance Maze


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This is NOT a continuing education event.

This presentation is updated to reflect 2021 considerations
in Telehealth Coverage and Billing in a Post-COVID Future

with Barbara Griswold, LMFT

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