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When you’re trying to get somewhere unfamiliar, it’s good to have a map to follow. When I consider how to use technical tools in my practice — i.e. my phone’s texting features, my computer or website — these four principles are the map that I use. I developed them based on my own knowledge of what I need in my practice as well as what I’ve gleaned from my profession’s ethical codes and laws.

The principles are not a replacement for peer consultation and supervision, of course, but they can be helpful in those contexts. I hope you find them useful yourself.

Person-Centered Tech’s four-point map for considering tech tools in clinical practice:

  • Proactive Awareness: I will strive to be aware of the limitations of my tools, and to accommodate for the potential risks to client confidentiality and safety that come with their use.
  • Appropriate Use: I will keep clients informed of the limitations and dangers of the tools I use in my office and online, and will only enter into their use with clients where it is appropriate.
  • Professional Presence: My presence in virtual mediums will be professional and will be as attentive to clients’ rights and needs as my brick-and-mortar presence.
  • Therapeutic Value Add: I will favor tools that add to the work I’m doing with my clients, and avoid ones that add nothing or detract from it.

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