What follows is a letter written to our newsletter subscribers. We’re posting it here so everyone can see it.


Roy's FaceIt’s that time of year to tell you all what I’m grateful for.

This is Roy (I’m that Professional Counselor/techie who does the mental health HIPAA stuff.) I’m writing this newsletter a little differently because I want to make sure everyone gets my message nice and clear.

We’ve been running Person-Centered Tech for almost 6 years now. Some of you are new here, but quite a few have been with us the whole time.

I’m grateful for all you readers for a number of reasons. For one, I was able to announce our support for the ACLU last week to a big, receptive audience. Your outpouring of love following the email was amazing. Brian, Liath and I will never forget the week-long love shower that followed. Everyone should get to experience that at least once!

Also, I have a big announcement this week that I’m really excited and really proud to share with you.

You’ve probably noticed over the last couple of years that we’ve been building up a paid service called Person-Centered Tech Support. It includes weekly sessions with me to get questions answered and needs met, 8 hours of CE courses, and a whole lot more that you may not have even heard about yet.

Well, Person-Centered Tech Support is finally graduating from its 2-year long “early adopter” period. That’s creating a new opportunity for you this week, but I’ll save it until the end. First, I want to tell you why growing Person-Centered Tech Support has been such an important thing to me.

We all need support and guidance some times, especially with practice tech. You may think I never needed practice tech guidance myself, but I certainly did at one time (and still do!)

I love to provide support and guidance for my colleagues on their practice tech, but it’s not how I started. I was a Professional Counselor first (Oregon LPC), and a HIPAA guru second. So let me tell you why I do this work for our field now:

I had a client of my own once, early on, who had a hard time talking to me about his struggle with anxiety.

It was near impossible for him to sit in my room and give voice to what was happening inside. But he would get on his old cel phone and TEXT me about his feelings without any barriers or limitations.

You’ve probably seen that yourself a time or two: clients who need that side-by-side approach to tough emotional work. Some of them start asking us to use tech to help the process along.

Its was hard for me to know what to do. And I was afraid I would do it wrong. Or that my own professional and personal boundaries would get crossed in dangerous ways.

As a newish (at the time) Counselor, and a former Internet software developer, I was aware of the confidentiality risks of texting about therapeutic material. But what I had NO IDEA AT ALL about was whether or not it could be done ethically or legally!

So I started studying, and I did a lot of consulting with colleagues, and I spent a lot of money on HIPAA experts. Hoo boy! Eventually I found how to keep working with this client in the way he needed while staying legal and ethical. It didn’t stop there, of course. My journey down the practice tech rabbit hole had just begun!

After that, I learned how much my colleagues needed the same kind of help, and weren’t getting it from the places we expected it to come from.

So I started to offer my knowledge and expertise to colleagues who also need guidance to understand how to use tech to help themselves and their clients, but have neither the benefit of my technical eperiences working in the Information Tehchnology industry, nor the time to study and keep up with HIPAA and tech the way I do.

All these years later, I can happily say that you don’t need to do all the frustrating work that I did. Instead, you can always “just ask Roy.”

So how do you “Just Ask Roy?” That’s what Person-Centered Tech Support is for.

Person-Centered Tech Support is our ongoing subscription service where you can access my experience, knowledge, and constant study in a variety of ways — including talking with me directly — whenever you need. It even includes 8 hours of CE education on HIPAA and technology, as well as detailed guidance on which tech products will work for your HIPAA needs (you can ask us to investigate any product you want, any time you want, as often as you need. Just ask! :)

Sign up so you can “Just Ask Roy” any time you need: Read about Person-Centered Tech Support here.

So here’s the opportunity that I mentioned earlier: you still have a chance to be an early adopter for life.

Even though we’re building a paid service, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate our free newsletter subscribers that have been on this journey with us. The early adopter rate for Person-Centered Tech Support is $10/month (paid in $120/year payments.)

The service includes an average of $660 worth of consultation each year + $128 in CE credits = at least $728 in value. You get it all for just $120. It’s a pretty darn good deal!

Next Tuesday the 29th, the yearly rate will rise to $250/year. So here is your opportunity to join us on the ground floor, upgrade to the Person-Centered Tech Support service, save yourself $130, and get your early adopter status for life.*

Upgrade to Person-Centered Tech Support here

Whatever you do next to get help with your practice tech journey, make sure you do it intentionally and free of fear. Let me tell you, from years of doing this, that fear will stand in your way and be a major obstacle to good security and HIPAA compliance. Let fear go, and take the time to do it right.

I’ll hope you’ll let me help you with that. :)

-Roy Huggins, LPC NCC
Director, Person-Centered Tech

PS: We’re doing a free giveaway for people who sign up to Person-Centered Tech Support soon. The first 100 to sign up after November 20th get a free copy of our special security guide for smartphones — called the HIPAA Investigation Repellent for Smartphones guide. Sign up for Person-Centered Tech Support now to get your free copy.

*In future years, the early adopter rate may rise above $120/year. But it will never be more than 50% of what the normal rate is. That’s our guarantee!


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