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We know that you want to focus on your clients, so we provide a way to achieve your required education hours while learning how best to serve patients in the digital world which relies on you being ethically safe and HIPPA-compliant in your technology.

Person Centered Tech’s individual membership is now offered on a monthly basis at $35/month. For those who wish to pay annually and save the cost of 2 months-worth of membership, annual subscription is just $350/year.

PCT offers solutions for group practices including: risk analysis assistance, customized training programs and completion monitoring, plus tools and support designed specifically for the complexity of group practices (including our group Policies & Procedures!). Price is based upon the size of the group. Contact us to inquire about details on our group practice services.

If you’d like a personalized consultation to discuss how a solo or solo + practitioner membership could benefit YOU, email us to set up a free 10-minute talk.

Person Centered Tech | [email protected]

Our Membership Program

Person Centered Tech filters the noise of the technology through education, customizable tools, expert consulting with direct answers and tried and tested recommendations to provide you with a clear, manageable pathway to provide excellence in care to support your clinical expertise—- all while you obtain your continuing education!

1. The Core:   11.5+ hours of Continuing Education
2. The Assessment:   The HIPAA Risk Analysis
3. The Solutions: Library of How-To Resources and Product Reviews
4. The Plan: Customizable Policies & Procedures Templates
5. Office Hours: Ongoing, Direct Consulting + More CE hours

Like very few others, Mr. Huggins can present with warmth and clarity on complex issues that most therapists wonder about in simple, understandable language.

Ofer Zur, PhD

[Roy] is unusual in his grasp of technology, clinical work, and professional ethics… All this done in language that was easy to understand without being a techie…

Albert J. Bernstein, PhD

Roy you are one of the best teachers I have ever run across in my life.

Member of Person-Centered Tech Support

Your Center is your Clients.  Our Center is You.

Ethical Technology and Digital Safety Designed for You


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