Office Hours Consulting

Ongoing. Personal. Accessible.

Technology integration is a lot like therapy…. it is a process.

One of our features, compared to the typical one-time consultation, is that we are here through the entire journey by offering
Office Hours with Roy–personal consultation on demand. We help you navigate through the entire process
step by step rather than giving you a map and wishing you well.

Office Hours is designed just like your professor’s Office Hours where you drop in during dedicated weekly hours and get your specific questions answered. It’s also kind of like your daytime call in radio therapist who will answer your questions on life and love (we can answer life and love questions, but we prefer tech-specific questions). Whether you are ready with a question (or ten!) or there just to listen and learn.

Members send in questions via email and we will research and present your answer and materials at the next session which we broadcast live via video podcast. Just let us know if you will take your question off air or will join live for a direct dialogue with Roy. For those who cannot join, we record and distribute the content to all members (beautifully formatted of course). You can watch and rewatch as many times as you would like.

We provide Office Hours sessions four times a month, typically on Thursdays/Fridays at 10:00. We broadcast via podcast because so many benefit from hearing your questions as well as their own. Seeing clients during our scheduled hours? No problem! We will send all Q & A right to your email.

Special CE Office Hours

The "CE for OH" program gives our members additional and fresh CE opportunities on an ongoing basis — both live and recorded. CE program topics are chosen based on what members have been asking us about, and members are empowered to influence the topics of future sessions with their requests. The last Office Hours session of each month (with the exception of August and December) is designated as a CE session. Members can join us live or watch the recording on-demand at their convenience, whichever way works to receive the valuable information and earn CE credit while doing so.

December CE for OH: No event for December. Please check back for January's event.

Members Currently Can Immediately Access:

What is of utmost importance to me, is that you all are available literally, with a moments (or perhaps more realistically, hours) notice. I trust and value all that you offer in terms of knowledge and opinion.


Just wanted to let you know that I thought the office hours were great. I was really happy with the give and take and the individual attention. You will definitely be seeing me again there.


You guys are so amazing! Thank you so much Liath! At this point I am not sure what could have happened had I not signed up for Person Centered Tech!


Ongoing. Personal. Accessible Consulting.

Q & A about our Q & A

  1. I like my answers fast! Can I have my answers right now?

Yes and No!
We know that questions are time sensitive and you want answers as fast as possible. Who doesn’t? When you send us your questions, we will look and see if we can provide access to information that is already available. We have answered thousands of questions already so chances are someone has already asked. If so, we will get you the resources you need right to your inbox. Since OH is designed for the extra unique, complicated, confusing questions, it typically takes time so we can properly research, compose and present it to you in an explanation that is clear and not too long winded!

2. Is this group consulting?

Yes and No!
Your answers will come directly from Roy or other members of the PCT team that are a subject matter expert in your question. However, we make the process public to all of our members who we invite to listen since the shared experience is important and we hope that others will benefit from the same questions. Your answer will not be crowd-sourced or part of a group discussion.

3. Do I have to join live?

This entire process can be done outside of the scheduled times. Send your question via email any time. We will research, present the material at the next upcoming session, record and format it and you will have your answer right in your inbox.

4. I have a tech guy who will be doing the work. What now?

We encourage BYOG: Bring your own geek. We can interface with others who will be helping you implement your answers. You’re welcome to being your geek to Office Hours and we can dialogue directly.