Episode 326: [Practice Management] How Policies & Procedures Help Your Practice Stay Consistent & Effective

We discuss using in practice behavior to inform policies & procedures; risk analysis; the benefits of having everything written down; how to decide where to start; reducing cognitive overhead and burnout; being prepared for security incidents; HIPAA compliance as a set of behaviors, not a product or a checklist; and the resources PCT offers around policies & procedures. 

New Series on Dispelling HIPAA Myths

We’re thrilled to announce our new informational resource. We will be sharing a series of vlogs to dispel common HIPAA myths and provide you with practical guidance tailored to your practice. Our goal is to help you build a robust, adaptable, and optimized practice that meets all your functionality and security needs. In this video, PCT’s director Liath introduces the series and explains how we will tackle these myths one at a time. Stay tuned for myth-busting episodes that will provide comforting and reassuring resources to support your practice.

Episode 324: [Interview] Patrick Casale of All Things Private Practice on Intentional Leadership & Practice Management

We discuss intentions behind starting a group practice; skills that going into being a good leader and practice owner; moving forward from mistakes; making values-based decisions; encouraging job satisfaction and preventing burnout; having hard conversations; being open to healthy conflict and constructive criticism; being willing to delegate; adding administrative support; and what systems, policies, and procedures to have in place when starting a group.

Episode 323: [HIPAA] Google Ads, Tracking, and HIPAA

We discuss maintaining steady referrals post-pandemic; guidance from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR); balancing keeping care accessible with ethical marketing; our recommendation for Google Ads support for therapists; normalizing the discomfort of normalcy after years of crisis; using your values to inform your marketing; and finding resources when you need them.

Episode 322: [Tech Tips] Considerations for AI Use in Your Group Practice

We discuss the ways that AI can impact group practices; risk analysis considerations; ways that AI is already utilized that you may not be aware of; setting explicit policies around AI; vetting whether AI services have access to PHI; steps to take when implementing HIPAA appropriate AI services; and our upcoming training with Eric Ström on navigating the legal and ethical guidelines of AI use for mental health practitioners.

Artificial Intelligence Utilization & Implications in Mental Health Care: How Person Centered Tech is Helping the Helpers

As the adoption of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proliferating in just about every context and use application imaginable, we at Person Centered Tech are understandably focused on what the legal, ethical, and clinical standard of care considerations are – and on identifying the resultant risk management, privacy/security, and clinical care outcome implications, so that […]


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